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Zilliqa Combines With The iSportConnect Web3 Summit Presented By Tezos

The iSportConnect Web3 Summit presented by Tezos is thrilled to reveal Zilliqa, the high-security blockchain platform, as the latest partner of the upcoming event..

iSportConnect’s Web3 Summit presented by Tezos will be taking place on the 28th and 29th of June 2022 at Emirates Stadium in London. Head to for more information, the full agenda and to purchase tickets.

Zilliqa was launched to counter the inability of blockchains to scale transactions at speed by launching the world’s first public blockchain sharding architecture.

Zilliqa’s technical innovations and excellence places it right at the cutting edge of the web3 revolution, and is the engine driving its play for the gaming industry. Through its partnerships with leading esports organisations and the Metaverse-as-a-Service (MaaS) model of Metapolis offering deeper levels of engagement and GameFi opportunities — Zilliqa is poised to become the L1 of choice for blockchain gaming.

CEO of Zilliqa, Dr Ben Livshits said:

“Because of its security, scalability, and high-performance, Zilliqa is set to change the way things work across many verticals, including sports and gaming. This partnership with iSportConnect recognises our achievements in those spaces, and is a sign of our mutual commitment to bring the power and potential of web3 innovations to businesses everywhere.”

“The mission with the event is to educate our community and the wider industry on the impact the Web3 tech stack and the metaverse could have across the numerous departments that fall within a sports organisation,” commented Joe Condon, Commercial & Marketing Lead of iSportConnect’s Web3 Summit Presented By Tezos.

“Zilliqa are one of the leading blockchain players, and the team brings with them a wealth of experience in sports and gaming that will help guide organisations on their strategy in this space. We’re delighted to have them onboard and look forward to them joining us in June.”

Purchase your tickets to the iSportConnect Web3 Summit at our Early Bird price of £699pp now at –


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