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The Stats View: Muhammad Ali knocked out of top five

This month’s stats view shares the top five performing sports NFTs, revealing some fascinating changes over the previous 30 days.

Fresh onto the scene, BMM x Neymar Jr. Episode 01 – Human is crowned as the most valuable sports NFT collection for this month, currently sitting on a volume of 222ETH. Created in November by THE NFT STAR, the collection consists of 1,698 themed Neymar Jr NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. As part of the Beast Mode Metaverse, holders will be able to collect, trade, and use their Neymar Jr NFT in games to win prizes that include exclusive Neymar Jr autographed jerseys and more.

LinksDAO Champions makes an impressive appearance at number two as they stride to build the world’s greatest golf community. The NFTs are made up of 10,253 collectable champions, each one is a different golf trophy that comes with a range of golf attributes that make every single champion unique.

The company has had a year to remember. After kickstarting 2022 by raising $10 million in 24 hours from their initial NFT membership drop, their next aim is looking towards owning an actual PGA - certified golf course. LinksDAO have stated they are currently in talks about the project with one of the top management groups in the world.

“We have so many first-time NFT buyers. I think that’s amazing, because we’re bringing a lot of new people into the crypto and NFT space.

“The initial funds are really to spin up the operations necessary to achieve our goals.” said Jim Daily, Co Founder of LinksDAO in an article published by CNBC.

For this first time in two months, neither The Next Legend’s Muhammed Ali Boxers or Gym Bags collections feature in this months top five.

However, gaming NFTs seem to be cementing their place in the list as they continue to be amongst the most valuable sports NFTs out there. Silks Sky Falls Land Parcels sneak into fifth, replacing Silks Genesis Avatar (who sit in 6th).

Sky Falls is the central region in the Game of Silks metaverse. Each land parcel gives you ownership of one acre of land in the metaverse. The land can be developed into horse farms that operate as gamified businesses that can earn owners ongoing valuable rewards.

Stats correct as of 01/12/22 AM


Volume (in ETH)

Percentage change in the last month

BMM x Neymar Jr. Episode 01 – Human



LinksDAO Champions



Knights of Degen


- 88%

VaynerSports Pass VSP


- 44%

Silks Sky Falls Land Parcels


- 4%


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