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WTF NFTs: What’s going on in the sports NFT market this month?

Given we’re in the midst of a bear market, you perhaps won’t be surprised to hear that this month's top five doesn’t massively differ from last month.

The Master Cats NFT collection has been replaced by Muhammed Ali | The Next Legends - Gym Bags. The collection provides users with gym bags to use in the game. NFTs being used to gamify and add utility to physical and digital experiences world is extremely popular, as Garry Williams, head of the Metaverse Advisory Department at Unit9, said: “The collision of these two hugely popular areas – gaming as a medium, NFTs as a technology – combined with the power of crypto, is metaverse gold dust.”

And thus it’s no surprise that Gary Vaynerchuk's VaynerSports Pass VSP collection remains in the top 5, as they combine their NFT offering with the ability to win IRL experiences such as attendance at professional sporting events and the ability to meet some of VaynerSports 100 NFL, MLB, MMA, NIL and Gaming athletes.

Stats correct as of 1/11/22 AM


Volume (in ETH)

Percentage change in last month

​Muhammed Ali | The Next Legends - Boxers



Muhammed Ali | The Next Legends - Gym Bags



VaynerSports Pass VSP






Silks Genesis Avatars




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