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What's in your wallet - Clément Darras

Clément is an independent consultant working alongside right holders and event organizers on their strategy, innovation, international development or Olympic related projects.

"I hope Web3 will be a new revenue stream for my clients, provided they can imagine meaningful projects for their fans."

What’s in your Wallet?

I don't have one ! But I have been willing to get one for months to better understand how it works from a user-perspective. Also, I have some crypto-currencies on Binance so I guess I already have a wallet in a way.

When did you first become aware of the concept of Web3?

I heard about the blockchain in 2015 or 2016 but didn't really get it at the time. I became aware of the exact word "Web3" about one or two years ago.

When did you first get a wallet?

As soon as I am done answering those questions.

What was the first Web3 related thing that you purchased?

I first purchased bitcoins and saw there were a lot of other crypto-currencies available. So I did some research to buy more, discovered Chilliz and Socios, bought some CHZ, and realized there were already interesting use cases in my field of work.

What do you see as the most important benefit of Web3?

The fact that it's decentralized is very interesting because it makes the user more important than the system. Applicable to sports, it brings fans at the center of the game and it's very powerful as this is where they deserve to be. There would be no sports entertainment without fans.

Who in the Web3 space is doing work that you admire?

I really liked how Sorare has grown lately. Maybe because they are French. But essentially because they built an empire on a very simple idea, mixing 2 elements that already existed for years (Collectible cards and fantasy leagues). They added Web3, understanding how key authentication and decentralization would be and it works well.

What will be the main drivers in Web3? Sports? Entertainment? Gaming?

Gaming will always be a big driver but the more Web3 will be widely used, the more it will be driven by sectors where fans/users/customers are passionate and dedicated. So thanks to use cases with utility, sports will be a main driver for sure.

What Web3 use case has surprised you the most?

I was amazed by Coachella lifetime pass NFT. It has strong value. Financial, which is impossible to evaluate theoretically. Only the market can tell us. Prestigious also as Coachella is very popular. I am not sure I understand how it will work on the secondary market but I thought it was very smart from Coachella. Not a big effort from them and a premium product available for people.

What is going to be the next big thing pushing Web3 forward?

Democratization. For everyone (and for me!) to get a wallet with Apple or Google will help Web3 to be part of our daily lives.

Is the metaverse part of your Web3 vision?

I have to admit I am struggling with metaverse. Metaverse is mainly gaming now, which is fine but it's not something I am particularly interested in personally. Gaming set aside, I have the feeling it's too soon. And additionally, a lot of brands are going into the metaverse to see how it is, to be ready in case, to test and learn, etc. but without any real strategy or utility. So for now, I am just curious but I will need more meaningful use cases for metaverse to be part of my web3 vision and to advise my clients to jump in it.

And finally, How do you use your wallet?

Hopefully to buy, in the future, tokens or NFTs with a lot of utility :)

For our own research, what do you think are the most important things in Web3 that need to be discussed and explained more?

I attended isportconnect web3 summit in June and I was really interested about the DAO use case (golf courses) but it was a lot to process at the time. So I would be happy to have more info on this or on DAOs in general.


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