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The Stats View: World Cup Take Over

Following the aftermath of a historic World Cup with Lionel Messi declaring his GOAT status after a remarkable final, it is no surprise to see football related NFTs high up on the list of top performers this month.

After being dethroned five months ago, VaynerSports pass VSP finally reclaimed top spot as the most popular sports NFT of the month. Since September, the project has shown consistent success by cementing their place within the top five each month. The project provides more ways for fans to meaningfully connect and form closer bonds with athletes and unlock access to world renowned events, once in a lifetime experience and NFTs through free partner project mints.You could say focusing on utility and delivering what’s important to fans is a recipe for success…

Their month sees a +19% increase over the last 30 days with a volume that stands at 87ETH (close to $116,000 for those who prefer this in traditional denominations!)

Speaking of the World Cup, VSP recently hosted a cool competition where the holders of VaynerSports pass VSP’s received a World Cup competition NFT airdropped to them. Each NFT represented a different nation participating in the Qatar World Cup. Holders of the NFT of the winning nation (Argentina) received a free Base VSP and a WrappedStrikers NFT.

Continuing with the familiar theme, Fanzone.IO come into second place. This NFT allows holders to unlock unique experiences and a universe of premium content with your favourite sports legends and most influential athletes. Fanzone is revolutionising the way sports fans connect with their favourite athletes and sports teams.

Founded in 2020, Fanzone is partnered with some of Germany’s biggest football clubs such as Bayern Munich, Wolfsburg and the German national side.

Similarly, to VSP, Fanzone uses NFTs to give fans access to ‘money can’t buy’ experiences. Both VSP and Fanzone NFTs are used to create new ways for fans to engage with their favourite teams and players. VSPs focus on digital representation of athletes, while Fanzone NFTs focus on providing exclusive digital experiences for fans. What's important is both companies are building communities that will impact the perspective on fan engagement moving into the future.

WAGMI United is the NFT that features at number five of this month's best performers.. The “Internets Team’ are dedicated to bringing Web3's most innovative ideas and passionate communities to the world of sports.

Back at the start of 2022, their first move was the acquisition of Crawley Town FC, a professional English Football club with the objective of taking them to the Premier League.

Finally, another consistent performer, Game of Skills’ Silk Genesis Avatar, creeps back into the list after narrowly missing out last month. They come into replace their very own Silks Sky Falls Land Parcels. Although, respectively continuing the popular trend of gaming NFT’s.

Stats correct as of 04/01/23 AM


Volume (In ETH)

Percentage of change in the last month

​VaynerSports pass VSP

87 ETH


FANZONE.IO - Sports Club

85 ETH


Knights of Degen

73 ETH


Silk Genesis Avatar

71 ETH


WAGMI United

66 ETH



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