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Welcome to this month’s stats piece. In this article we are going to be taking a look at the sports NFTs that are performing the best this month and give you some information about them.

Launched on September 9, TRACE OFFICIAL NFT top the list for most valuable sports NFT collections over the past month. On their first day they sold 1,118 NFTs. According to TRACE OFFICIAL NFT is Web3’s first Non-Ponzi Move and Earn project on Web3 and their composable shoes appear to be a hit at the moment.

Gaming is a massive part of Web3 so it is no surprise that gaming NFTs are performing well. The Muhammed Ali | The next legends - boxer collection, was launched this month by Altered State Machine in partnership with Non-Fungible Labs and ABG, IP holders of Muhammed Ali’s estate. In an article about the benefits of gaming NFTs, for Blockworks, Pat Rabbitte said: “Gaming NFTs bridge digital worlds by introducing a new era of game asset collecting. It is the technology that will facilitate a unified metaverse, and Web3 gaming will bring several benefits that traditional gaming lacks.”

Another gaming NFT, Silks Genesis Avatars, have moved up one place in our table thanks to a 66 per cent increase. The silks enable you to play a Web3 Fantasy Game. Launched in April 2022, the Silks are each linked to a racehorse in the US and you become the Web3 owner of the horse and collect prizes linked to the horse's success in real life.

Stats correct as of 3/10/22 AM


Volume in (ETH)

Percentage change in last month




VaynerSports Pass SVP



Muhammed Ali | The next legends - boxer collection



Silks Genesis Avatars



Master Cats NFT




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