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As we did last month, in this article we are going to be showing you the five best performing sports NFTs over the past month. We are also going to give you a bit of extra information about a couple of them.

It would be foolish to write this piece and not mention the bear market NFTs currently find themselves in. We are definitely seeing a downturn in the amount of NFTs being sold, and many collections won’t survive this. In a piece about this NFT trader said: “In fact, many NFT projects will most likely die during this bear market. However, there will always be projects that rise to the top, and this ‘crypto winter’ doesn’t mean it’s impossible to survive”

Find a link to their full article here:

Without further ado, here is the table that you are really interested in. Data correct as of September 5.


Volume (in ETH)

Percentage change in last month

VaynerSports Pass VSP






Photo Finish Live: PFP Collection



WAGMI United



Silks Genesis Avatars



VaynerSports Pass VSP has been the best performing sports NFT in the last month, rising up the table from third last month. They are in the great position of being built by VaynerSports, one of the best known sports agencies in America with athletes from the world of American Football, MMA and esports all signed up. Thanks to the close collection VaynerSports have to their athletes, they are able to offer holders of their NFTs exclusive behind the scenes content and opportunities - is this the key to their success?

The fastest growing NFT collection in the sports market is Photo Finish Live’s PFP Collection. They are based on a live horse racing game and buying one of their NFTs enables you to compete in their game. Gamification is a massive part of Web3 - you can’t deny that - but is it the future of NFTs?


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