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The stats view

Every month we are going to be tracking the sports side of the NFT market using statistics provided by OpenSea.

We are going to shine a light on the NFT market and provide you with a simple breakdown of what is happening in this new and exciting side of the sports business.

Here are the best performing collections over the last month. (stats correct as of 10/8/22)


Volume (in ETH unless stated)

Percentage change in last week







VaynerSports Pass SVP



WAGMI United






It is no surprise really that NICE OFFICIAL are top of this list, their collection of 10,000 NFTs is aimed at esports enthusiasts. They are the largest decentralised esports brand.

WAGMI United’s position in the list is very impressive considering they only have one NFT in their collection. Their recent purchase of Crawley Town brought them to the attention of mainstream media. Hunter Orrell, the co-owner of WAGMI United, who appeared at our Web3 Summit, explained how the purchase of their NFT will include the delivery of a physical jersey to anyone who purchases it. It has some snazzy squiggles on it too…

ZED RUN have the largest collection on the list with 247,000 different NFTs. The collection supports their NFT horse racing game which operates on Matic network (Polygon). They have also partnered with Nascar, to allow virtual horse races to take place on their tracks. Nick Rend, managing director of Gaming and Esports at Nascar, said: “Our partnership with ZED RUN, albeit one that is literally at the bleeding edge of NFT blockchain enabled games. Those folks in that community didn’t care that we weren’t a brand that was endemic to horse racing.

“What they were enthusiastic about and how they welcomed us was that we wanted to be part of the journey and excitement of the space together for existing fans,” he also spoke at our Web3 Summit in June.


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